Feb 15, 2010

Photos, messages and stories from Friends

Feb 22, 2010

My name is charity blansit, and Robert made a me a birthday present painting (the way he sometimes gave a gift with a price).  I love my painting and paid him the $60.00 I could afford.  I made a collage using the last picture we took together... what it would be like if he visited me in the spain in his painting.  I also have a recording that he gave me along with the painting.  I knew him from when he used to frequent Moon City Cafe; he used to come in to tell me stories or sing a song at least once a week.  Then I moved to Spain ten years ago and lost touch with him and many people in Missouri.  I would have loved to have seen him one more time! He was beautiful so genuine. 

Feb 19, 2010

The most indelible memory I have of Robert took place on the day of my wedding.  Robert and I had developed a pretty good musical relationship throughout the  years, as he often would join Big Smith on stage (there is at least one  invaluable recording of this, close to Christmastime when he sang "Silver Bells"  and a couple of other standards. The tape has circulated a bit, and is classic  Robert). He and I had also done a recording session where I accompanied him on  the guitar as he sang. Well, Robert had collected some more sheet music and had  been trying to pin me down for some time to schedule another session. He called  me the night before my wedding to talk about it, and also to ask for a ride to  the ceremony. I was able to recruit Lou Whitney to give him that ride down to  Spokane from Springfield, so I was able to focus on the task at hand, that is,  becoming betrothed. I was very pleased that Robert was at the ceremony, but he  certainly wasn't among  the top things on my mind that day, that is he wasn't until approximately five  seconds after the preacher had announced to the guests that Liz and I were now  man and wife. We were in the moment of celebration, walking back up the aisle  past our family and friends, when Robert caught me at the back of the tent:  "MARK, I"VE GOT SOME SHEET MUSIC HERE I WAS HOPING YOU COULD TAKE A LOOK AT..."  My brand new wife calmly explained to Robert that perhaps this was not the best  time to discuss it, and we continued the business of enjoying that moment. The  Polaroid captures it pretty well, with Robert right behind us, having just been  gently reprimanded. I'm sorry to say that we never got around to doing that  second recording session, which I now regret deeply. It's just another reminder  to make time for friends whenever possible. Robert of course will live in my  memories, and will always be deeply woven into the fabric of that very memorable  day, and many others.
 Mark Bilyeu

Feb 16, 2010
Robert E. stopped by the UDA office on a regular basis and 
loved to sing to us & get his picture taken.  Here is a picture of 
Barb, Robert & Kristin.  Robert was wearing his favorite jacket!!!

Feb 15, 2010
Robert, you will certainly be missed! I am lucky to have known you. I am also lucky to have had you do two original paintings for me which have always added some illuminating color to my life.
RIP, Robert
Your friend,
Drew Pearce

Fri, Feb 12, 2010
Every year we have some sort of crazy Christmas party, and a couple of years ago we had a bad sweater party.  My new friend Robert came in his cute purple sweater that he wore often.   He was endearing and my friends and I just adored him. 

We took all sorts of pictures at that party, and I somehow forgot to get these images to Robert. One year after the party he painted a picture for me and he painted me in my bad sweater from memory!!
I love you Robert!

Sesha; one of your many girlfriends:)

We loved Robert!
Bert, Sara, BJ and Rachel Hollis
We may have the last painting he did, about Busch Stadium? 

    Robert And Stacy in their cardinal caps

Robert Eugene Smith, 
humble man - giant talent
Renaissance artist
-Ken San 2010

Hello, I am a good friend of Robert's and thought that I would email a few pictures of him for the website.  I went to see him last night (2/11/2010) so we had our good-bye then.  Connie, Josette, Dick Schaeffer and I helped Robert celebrate many birthdays.  We often took him bowling on his birthday and sometimes bowling just for kicks.  We also took him to the circus, to Tent Theater, and Connie took him to see Peter Pan one time which he especially loved.  Enjoy the pics.  Pokey

Wed Feb 10, 2010
Not a week went by that Robert wouldn't call me to sing me a song, 
read me a poem or talk about an idea he had about a painting. 
He would get so excited talking about his paintings. My thoughts 
are with him, get better so you can keep doing what you love Robert!

Lil Olive
Good Girl Art Gallery
 This is one of my favorite paintings of his, 
I love the Rabbit, kind of Donny Darko!!! 

Th, Feb 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Robert. You are in my heart..
In the spirit of LOVE in this Valentine season I will be posting some of the Valentines Robert has sent me over ths years, tho' none are recent  ... An interesting thing about Robert,  love and women:  Truly sentimental and loving, Robert has always had a special way of surrounding himself with pretty and dynamic, and, yes, adoring women. He was very attentive: called us often,  let us (O.K. demanded) chauffer him around  and honored us with his creative gifts in the form of beautiful cards and poems. But, in his special intense way, Robert's affections burned hot and brightly, but then, in a flash, he'd move on ...He seemed to fhave a new round of "lovelies"  every few years.  But, hhonestly,  I had the distinct impression that he had a secret "crush" on my mother!  After meeting her a dozen or so years ago he'd often ask if I thought she'd go out with him if he made it back to New York City!  I feigned jealousy and teasingly accused him of caring more about her than me ...He was seriously flustered and hurt and denied it vehemently! 
              Happy Valentine's Day, Robert. You are in my heart..
Gracie, Robert was such a romantic that I imagine every woman who knows Robert has a stash of  very special personal Valentines. Wouldnt it be cool if we could have a special section of the blog dedicated to these ? 

Christine Schilling

Robert starred as the eccentric grandfather character in our local film, "To and From". On oneof the days after shooting, Robert insisted that we go to Price Cutter for frozen blueberries.He also insisted that he wear the santa outfit (except for the beard that wastoo itchy). People stopped us in the isles to take pictures and make Christmas wishes. And like always, Robert made everyone around him smile. One of my favorite Robert moments.

-Brandon Goodwin

Bob and Grace at the Padres stadium          Jessica, Anna and Bob        Marva at the workshop
Robert's visit to San Diego
During January 2008 Robert E Smith visited San Diego, CA to present a book making workshop.
 At the workshop there Robert gave instruction about making pictures that tell stories and there was singing.
While in San Diego, Robert went to the zoo. At the zoo we took a bus ride around to look at the animals. It was good that we did the bus ride  first because as soon as Robert got a wiff of the flamingo stink we had to go. Shell and I persuaded him to stay long enough to snap a photo next to the brass gorilla.
Robert went to the children's pool at LaJolla cove where he looked at the seals, did some sketching and bonded with a pigeon. He took a harbor cruise, ate lobster, took a look at the new Padres baseball stadium and sang songs to Rudy the pug. Rudy and Bob became best buds.
Bob and Rudy,                      workshop,              Shelly and Bob at the zoo
                    Bob and Dorothy,           Brad and Bob,       Bob drawing at La Jolla Cove

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